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ASETH-19, MABES-19, MEHS3-19 & LBIS-19

ISBN - 978-93-86878-26-7

Prof. Dr. Kazuaki Maeda
Prof. Dr. Haiu Aurelia


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Variation of the Fatty Acid Composition of Olive Oil during Ripening of the Olive Fruit of the Chemelal Variety in the Boumerdes Region "Algeria"
K. Mouas and A. Benakmoum
2Security in D2D Communication in IoT: Challenges and Future Trends
Danah A. Arrabi, Mohammad H. Aljarawrah, Wail Mardini and Mazen Khair
3Enhancing Education and Rethinking Pedagogy: The Twenty-First Century Teacher
L. Cardoso
4Music Computer Technologies in Formation of Virtual Values in Creative Work and Copyright Problems
Irina B. Gorbunova and Maxim I. Karpets
5Investment Component of Musical and Linguistic Education and Music Computer Technologies
Irina B. Gorbunova, Olga S. Leontyeva and Olga S. Yakimchuk
6Holistic Synergetic System for Human Health Rehabilitation in the Third Millennium
Haiu Aurelia